30 End of the Year Reflection Questions

christmas bubblesI recently found a list of questions about the last year. Since I never plan anything for the coming year but always put down things that I achieved in past year, I found it rather thought-provoking.

1) What is the most important lesson you learned this year?
You should always love yourself, whatever happens.

2) What is the best thing that happened?
I found a lot of information about my ancestors! I have a family tree which now includes 12 generations. Now I even have these church recordings about the birth of my great-grandfather, his brothers and even his father from the 19th century! Also, I got to know that my ancestors had something to do with German-speaking countries, that my surname is German, and what it means. It was given to someone who always does what they want not taking into account the opinion of other people. Oh, that’s so sweet and sooo predictable knowing me and my relatives!

3) What challenges did you overcome?
I guess the only thing people really should try to overcome is their own psychological problems. I hope I have achieved something in that sphere this year.

4) What new skills did you learn?
Since this year I have been learning another (my fifth) foreign language, the native language of my great-grandfather, Latvian.

This year, after trying a lot of different techniques, I finally managed to meditate properly.

Now I can carve a face on a pumpkin! I recently did it for the first time for my son and I really liked it!

5) What did you do for your career growth?
Everything I do I do for my own development, which includes some skills I need at work. So, I practiced foreign languages a lot and in different ways: from reading books to communicating with native speakers which I think is the most useful way to learn a language.

6) What did you enjoy the most?
Being a very selfish person (which I am proud of) I really enjoyed the time I spent alone doing what I want. But I also enjoyed spending time with my family!

7) What was your favourite moment?
There were a lot of them! Spending time with my husband. Kissing my son like a thousand times a day and telling him he is the best boy in the world!

One of my favourites was seeing my son in a white dress shirt with a tie. People say this 5-year-old boy is going to have a lot of admirers when he gets older. Actually, even now there are arguments between girls in the kindergarten about which one of them he is going to hug first.

8) How did you have fun?
Playing with my son, laughing at stuff with my husband, sledding downhill in winter and visiting a lot (like a LOT!) of attractions in the amusement park, going to picnics in summer, cooking together and doing 3D puzzles. And of course, eating delicious food! That’s my favourite part. Guess who is a good cook!

9) What new habits did you start?
Ticking days off on my calendar when I had done everything to stay in a good mood. It really helps me to be disciplined and to choose my thoughts more carefully. (As far as I know from books I find true there is nothing we can do about our emotions because they just indicate that what you are thinking now it not right. So, we just have to be more selective while thinking. If you don’t want to attract something in your life, why would you constantly think about it and get irritated?)

I have also gotten into the habit of studying three foreign languages (the three ones which I’m not so good at yet) every day. Fifteen minutes or two minutes — it’s just important to be disciplined.

10) What are you the most proud of this year?
Being a happy person, I guess? Nothing else matters. Oh, and having improved my health!

11) What did you learn about yourself?
It seems to be possible not to think about what people think about you. Wow!

12) How did you live by your core values?
Although I am really selfish, my family means a lot for me. That’s why it’s really important for me that all three of us are happy — and it is so!

13) How did your relationships (family, friends, work) evolve?
My relationship with the best man in the world, my husband, is perfect, which is great!

I like to discover something new in my son who is growing up and shows me new sides of his personality and, astonishingly, of the world as well.

I don't care about any other relationships. Does it mean that I am self-sufficient enough?..

14) What was the best decision you took?
Sometimes the best decision to be taken is to wait till morning when things seem clear again.

15) How did you fail?
Fortunately I can’t remember any failure this year, apart from some exercises at the yoga classes which I couldn’t perform. So, I just decided to attend another trainer’s classes which fit me.

16) What got in the way of your success?
Nothing. Even if we think there are some obstacles, their only „creator“ is… guess who.

17) What would you do differently if you could?
Nothing. That also makes me a happy person.

18) How are you different than a year ago?
A bit thinner, I hope?

19) What did you do for your physical and mental health?
Several times a week I run on my treadmill and do various exercises; once a week I do yoga. As for my mental health, which is even more important, I meditate as often as I feel the necessity.

20) Who or what had the biggest impact on your life this year?
My husband. Thank you, darling! It’s important to choose a person you can always follow.

21) What did you let go of?
I guess I left behind all the things I don’t need a long time ago.

22) What were the most useful resources you had?
My husband’s support in any situation.

23) What are you thankful for this year?
For every day of happiness!

24) What did you leave unfinished?
Learning some things, but it’s great you can learn something new infinitely, isn’t it?!

25) What was the best compliment you received?
They are kind of intimate.

26) If you were to talk about this year like a story, how would you write it?
That would probably be a guide of what you should read and what techniques you should follow to remain happy every day of the year.

27) How do you describe this year in 3 to 5 keywords?
Happiness, family, self-development, joy and peace.

28) What energised you? What drained you?
Time spent doing what I want. Time spent not doing what I want, which I have to admit was rare.

29) How kind were you to yourself?
Declaring love to yourself is a very kind thing, isn’t it?

30) What advice would you give your last-year self?
Keep calm and you will see that it can get even better than it is!

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