To Get Satisfied With Your Body

медитация у моряI like to get inspired. Recently I read a book in English, a psychological fiction, and found a thought-provoking scene within it.

There was a woman who wasn’t satisfied with her body, although her body was fine. She thought she was overweight because her husband left her for a prettier and younger woman. She went to a wellness-hotel where some strange and questionable methods were applied. For example, she received a soft drug. The readers could read about what the woman saw during her drug trip.

She found herself together with her daughters in a body shop where you could buy a new designer body while she herself had no body at all. She was thinking about which body she should choose, when suddenly one of her daughters who was eating fruit needed some help. As the woman tried to wipe the juice away from her daughter’s mouth with her hand she found out that she couldn’t because she was bodiless.

At that moment I understood that it doesn’t matter which body we have, it’s so great that we have one! We can do so many things! Just imagine for ten seconds that you are a ghost that wants to hug their relatives or friends, or laugh with delight, or breathe the fresh air, or eat something delicious – and can’t.

So, we should be happy to have a body we can work to improve. We should be happy with what we already have and try to make it better and not complain.

We always can improve what we have got and it’s really fascinating and inspiring.

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