My Favorite Psychological Thriller

гонгToday I want to tell you about a new Russian TV-series named „Survival Game“ («Игра на выживание»). It’s a psychological thriller. Actually I am not keen on Russian series at all. After „Friends“, „Lost“, „Game of Thrones“ and “Expansion“ it’s difficult to find something worth watching. But this series is unexpectedly cool and of very good quality.

A group of 16 people comes to Siberia to participate in a new reality show. They should split up into two teams and take part in different competitions every week. The team that loses has to choose a participant that leaves the show. They will stay in Siberia for a month. The one who stays at the end wins and gets a million dollars.

гонг игра

So, everything seems to be quite ordinary. But in the first night the participants hear shots in the forest. The next day the find all the crew (cameramen, etc.) lying dead in a hole. Now they are alone in Siberia with no phones and no food, hundreds of kilometer away from civilization.

тайга ночью

Scary things happen almost every day and few and few participants remain alive. An attack from escaped prisoners, rape, murder, a village of cannibals, scientists experimenting with a new virus, an abandoned city inhabited by a crazy surgeon who forces them to saw off their own legs to survive — is this all just a nightmare, or the contrived plot of a crazy reality show?! Will the winner be the only person who remains alive? Is it possible to quit the game?

Contains spoilers!

One day the five remaining participants figure out that they have been filmed on hidden cameras the whole time. They begin to suspect that there is a dummy participant (one who is not a real participant, but is one of the organizers of the show).

Then they have been told there has to be only one winner – the others have to die...

The dummy participant is a middle-aged woman who pretends to be a mother of three children from a remote place. At the end she confesses that she is an actress from Moscow and the winner of the previous show. Now it becomes clear that it’s impossible to quit the deadly game even after you have won.

Our favorite character is a harsh young woman named Viktoriia Кempinnen who decided to take part in the show although she suspected it could be dangerous. She wants to find her twin-sister that took part in the previous show and got lost.

вика игра на выживание

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Посмотреть видео с Викой Кемпиннен, блестяще исполненной актрисой Линдой Лапиньш, можно здесь (автор видео тут).

Смотрели сериал? Кто ваш любимый персонаж?

С вами была Яна, мама в Интернете.

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  • Татьяна

    Сериалы уже не смотрю — времени жалко… да и возраст не тот… Но, мельком гляну новую информацию. Ради любопытства… smile
    Тоже раньше ставила плагин против копирования, а потом убрала… Пусть пользуются… Не жалко. Главное, поисковики должны первыми зафиксировать контент, а остальное по моему не очень важно… smile

    • Автор сайта Яна

      Мы их только во время еды смотрим. Разумеется, подобную резню бензопилой не при ребёнке включаем mosking

      Понимаю. Сама пять лет держалась и не ставила, потому что самой же неудобно, честно говоря, но наглость человеческая достигла предела) Я ещё понимаю, когда просто выкладывают на стрёмные сайтики, которые воруют у всех подряд. Но когда под своим именем в сборниках публикуются с моими статьями – это уже перебор. У меня немало было научных публикаций, в этой сфере к вопросам плагиата всегда относилась очень чутко: взял строчку – указал источник.

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