Putting the Baby to Bed

It was definitely a big mistake to read a story to my son about the confrontation between two little brownies and a witch before bed. The brownies are very kind, so they provoke the witch with all their kindness. Now, energy is seething in my son and he is willing to fight somebody himself.

Finally he is in bed, but not in the right position. “Put your head on the pillow!” I command strictly. He stands on his head on the pillow, which he was able to do even when he was two, and answers me cheerfully: “My head IS on the pillow!”

Then, I put some cream on his feet. That’s the moment he chooses to tell me that he wants to run on the treadmill in the other room. “How on earth can you do it now?” “Crawling!” he says with a lot of enthusiasm.

The lights are finally out. Yesterday, my husband and I accompanied our son to one of his sambo training sessions. He practices sambo, which directly translates to “unarmed self-defense”. That’s when we understood why everybody calls him Terminator. Yesterday’s training took place in a bigger gym, and there were also children from other sport clubs, which was really exciting for our son. Now, he is lying in bed and should be falling asleep, but instead he is chattering dreamily: “Remember how many sambo fighters came to training yesterday?”

Soon, he finally falls asleep. Thanks God he doesn’t do bridge exercises in bed anymore!

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